Hallo ik ben Opa DuSart.
Welkom bij DuSart Pharma!

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Hoe kan ik u helpen?

  • Heeft u vragen over (het produceren van) voedingssupplementen?
  • Bent u op zoek naar bestaande supplement of wilt u een nieuw product ontwikkelen?
  • Een andere vraag of op zoek naar extra informatie, laten we bellen!

Hallo ik ben Opa DuSart.
Welkom bij DuSart Pharma!

Meer info over Opa DuSart

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Total solution

Dusart can cater to any need or challenge relating to the development, production and packaging of solid or liquid food supplements and health products. To ensure the best end product possible, we apply stringent quality requirements from start to finish. We can either take care of the entire process for you or handle specific elements such as the production or packaging alone.

In 4 steps to 100% results

‘Supporting health’ has been the core of our company since 1954. We agree with the ambition you have set to create a great health product. Over the years, we have developed a clear vision and best practices on how to achieve that ambition. We achieve 100% results in 4 steps:


From idea to product, from start-up to multinational: we are your sparring partner in developing your unique health product.


Small or large productions: we can supply all forms of capsules, tablets and liquid products.


Blisters, plastic or glass jars, pipette or spray bottles: whatever packaging you want, we can take care of the entire process if desired.


Quality, certainty and trust: our entire process is designed according to strict requirements and standards.

Flexible production lines

Our production lines are designed to enable both small and large production runs. As a result, our clients vary from entrepreneurs with a start-up project to major multinationals. The added value of this approach lies in the possibility of beginning with small production runs during the test phase before scaling up as required and growing along with your success.

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Research & Development

Your success is our success. Our Research and Development team is an important part of this. It is led by a very experienced pharmacist and on top of that contains a delegation of the various disciplines within our company. The realization of the (final) product already starts with the involvement of all specialists at the beginning of the process. As a result, we can significantly shorten the development process and delivery time as well.

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Commercial success

DuSart is more than just a supplier/producer. We actively think along, provide feedback and suggestions. This effectively provides you with a sparring partner who helps you perfect your idea into a successful product.

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Benefits of Dusart

Our 7 core values ​​guarantee 7 certainties:


We always approach colleagues, customers and suppliers openly and honestly. We are transparent in our advice regarding our products and their operation.


We are specialists in what we do or on our way to becoming experts and we help each other in this.


We make every effort to meet the customer’s wishes. A deal is a deal.


We think in terms of opportunities for our customers and for Dusart and try to exceed each other’s expectations.


We believe in innovation and product development to meet the challenges of tomorrow and do everything we can to surprise customers and end users with our innovations and exceed their expectations.


We can and may make our own decisions within our range of tasks as long as they fit within Dusart’s core values.


We are curious and eager to learn and help each other in our personal development.

Let’s elevate your product & packaging to a higher level together.

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